Monday, 1 November 2010

Autumn along the River Barle, Dulverton on Exmoor - October 2010 - Saturday pm

On reaching the Marsh Bridge that crosses the River Barle we headed back into Dulverton along the road that runs alongside the river.

Paddy did really well to walk 3 miles, although he was very tired when we got back to the site ...... so he chilled out for the rest of the day!  We had a lovely lunch in the Bridge Inn after our walk and then joined Paddy for a well earned rest!

Another great trip during one of my favourite times of the year!

Autumn in Burridge Woods on Exmoor - October 2010 - Saturday am

We turned right over the river Barle and followed the signs for the footpath up into Burridge Woods.  Again the Autumn colours were stunning and there was a ton of food available for the wildlife, including plenty of berries and fungi.

There was a lovely morning mist hanging over the town and there were lovely views from the woodland footpath.

Autumn in Dulverton on Exmoor - October 2010 - Saturday am

On Saturday morning we awoke to blue skies and sunshine (not the heavy rain and gales that had actually been forecast) so we put on our walking boots ready for a short 3-mile walk!

The colours just outside the site and along the river were even more stunning in the morning sunshine.

Autumn in Dulverton on Exmoor - October 2010 - Friday pm

Once set up we wandered into Dulverton (just a 5 min walk from the very well placed site!) and then back along the river. 

The evening was spent in the towns friendly pubs talking to the many campers staying on site.

Autumn in Dulverton on Exmoor - October 2010

With the weather being so mild down here in the West Country we decided to have a weekend away up on Exmoor this month.  We managed to get a pitch on the lovely little Caravan Club site in Dulverton, Exmoor House, for a couple of nights.

The trip up the A39 was stunning with golden trees lining the route all the way.....but the colours were even better once up on Exmoor.