Thursday, 21 September 2017

Portland - September 2017

Friday was our last full day so we, finally, got our bikes off the bike rack, set them up and biked into Weymouth.  Once there we picked up the Rodwell Trail, a lovely, almost flat, bike path that takes you along the bay and onto Portland.

Once on Portland we biked up the hill. This is not for the feint hearted and believe me electric assist bikes certainly help!  It's well worth it though for the views across Portland, Weymouth Bay, Chesil beach, the Fleet lagoon and beyond. 

Once I'd got my heart rate back down to a semi normal rate and my legs had stopped wobbling we headed back down.  We stopped off at lovely cafĂ© in the Sandsfoot castle gardens where we had a snack for lunch.

Our friends had booked a table at a local pub/restaurant that evening so we taxied there, had a fantastic meal and walked back.  A lovely way to end our holiday.

Although that was the last 'big' trip of the year (other than Christmas and New Year) we still have a few more to go.  We're hoping to get two in during October so watch this space!

Weymouth - September 2017

Thursday was sunny again so after breakfast we all decided to walk up the lane and catch the bus into Weymouth.  On arrival we had morning coffee before a walk along the promenade and around the harbour.

After a pub lunch we went our separate ways.  Mike and I walked around the other side of the harbour, down to the end of the jetty and then up into Nothe gardens where the grey squirrels are very tame.

We did our own thing that evening and the sunset on site was glorious!