Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cheddar - Easter 2013 - The Wildlife

During our 'wanderings' around Cheddar over the Easter weekend we came across some wonderful birds and animals all enjoying the spring sunshine.

On our travels around the lanes we also saw loads of these little boxes tucked up in the hedgerows.  They were all numbered and we saw numbers as high as 220 (althought we didn't actually see that many in total!).  We think they are some kind of nesting box for either doormice or perhaps field mice?

............and finally is this little fella classed as Cheddar wildlife?!?!?!?

Our 5 nights in Cheddar flew by unfortunately and we packed up on Easter Monday to head home.  We have already booked again for next Easter at Cheddar Bridge!

Our next booked trip is for the early May bank holiday when we head to Somerset again, this time to Dulverton.


Cheddar - Easter 2013 - Cheddar Village on Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we all wandered along to the local car boot sale (which seems to be becoming traditional for us over Easter!).  After a couple of hours mooching around, Michael and I wandered back into the village for some lunch but it was heaving (due to the good weather) so we gave up and spent the rest of the day relaxing in the camper before heading in that evening for a meal instead.

Cheddar - Easter 2013 - River Yeo

Saturday was also a lovely, sunny dry day so once breakfast was over we set off for a walk along the river Yeo, which runs through the campsite.  Our intention was to take the public footpath to Cheddar reservoir but we took a wrong turn and ended up near to it but not quite on it!!!

Cheddar - Easter 2013 - Cheddar Cliffs

From the top of the Gorge we took the very steep (but thankfully dry!) public footpath up to the top of Cheddar Cliffs, where the views were stunning.  From the top we could see as far as the coast at Weston-Super-Mare and Burnham-On-Sea and inland to Glastonbury Tor.  The views over the village and Gorge weren't bad either!

Cheddar - Easter 2013 - Cheddar Gorge

On Good Friday the weather was glorious, cold but dry, so we decided to take a walk into the village from the campsite and up into Cheddar Gorge.  It seemed that the further we went up the Gorge the colder it got, as you can see from the photos below!