Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bristol in November

From the pub we went our separate ways until the evening.  Mike and I walked back into the city, through the Brandon Hill Nature Park and past Cabot Tower.  Again the autumn colours were still beautiful here.

We ended up in the city walking around the German Christmas Market.  It was packed too and there were some wonderful smells coming from the many traditional stalls.

Later that afternoon we caught the water taxi back across to the SS Great Britain and walked back to the campsite from there.  We spent that evening in the pub next to the site again as the food was so good on the Thursday evening!

Sunday morning was soon upon us and it was pack up time.  We'd have another brilliant weekend in lovely Bristol and cannot wait to return in 2016.

We have a bit of a wait (just over 6 weeks) for our next trip, when we head off to Poole for Christmas before spending the New Year in Padstow and I for one cannot wait!!!

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol - November

We followed our noses and ended up at the bridge. It was still quite overcast and very windy but I was somehow talked into facing one of my fears (heights) and we all walked over the bridge and back.  I'm not saying it was one of the best experiences of my life but I did it and some of the views were wonderful.  I even managed to take some photos once my hands had stopped shaking and I was back on firm ground!!! 

Once we left the bridge the sun came out!  We found a pub (the nerves needed steadying after all) and sat outside in the beer garden overlooking the bridge where we had coffee (honest!).