Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cheddar - Easter 2013 - The Wildlife

During our 'wanderings' around Cheddar over the Easter weekend we came across some wonderful birds and animals all enjoying the spring sunshine.

On our travels around the lanes we also saw loads of these little boxes tucked up in the hedgerows.  They were all numbered and we saw numbers as high as 220 (althought we didn't actually see that many in total!).  We think they are some kind of nesting box for either doormice or perhaps field mice?

............and finally is this little fella classed as Cheddar wildlife?!?!?!?

Our 5 nights in Cheddar flew by unfortunately and we packed up on Easter Monday to head home.  We have already booked again for next Easter at Cheddar Bridge!

Our next booked trip is for the early May bank holiday when we head to Somerset again, this time to Dulverton.


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Maureen Davies said...

Some great photos again Sharon we enjoy Chedda as well. yes we went up the static Thurs to Mon good too supprised how many people were out and about in Aberaeron the harbour was choco block on sunday.