Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Motorhome On Order!!!

Well, we've gone and done it!!!

We had a bit of luck and won a pair of tickets to the Caravan Show at the NEC in February so decided to have a weekend away.  We chose not to take the  motorhome on this occasion and booked into an IBIS hotel in Gloucester for a couple of nights (it was only 4 months old and was very doggie friendly - not sure that white linen and black Labradors are a great match though!).

We headed over to the show on the Saturday morning, with a plan in come away with some new camping chairs!!!!  Unfortunately (!) the second stand we visited was the Auto-Trail stand......and there she was.  A beautiful super lo-line Dakota.  We spoke to a dealer on the stand (not our regular dealer) and struck a pretty good deal.  We wanted time to ponder so headed for the camping chairs!!  We decided on a pair we liked but didn't want to carry them around so agreed to go back for them.

Gasping for a drink we visited our regular dealer and told him we'd found the perfect camper for us and asked him if he could 'tweak' the deal.  Anyway, after a couple of drinks and some hard bargaining the deal was done and the deposit was paid!  There was also no need to return for the chairs because we got or dealer to throw them in with our deal!!!!! 

So, we now have to wait until mid May for her but have our Cheyenne in the meantime.

She's slighter bigger than the Cheyenne due to the big bathroom at the end but other than that the layout is very similar.

We are off to St Ives next weekend (25/26th March) and then have our Easter 2 weeks 'up North' and then we await her arrival prior to our local Whitsun weekend in Woolacombe!!!


Paul Enticott said...

Hello Sharon & Michael,
I always enjoy your blog, we also have an Autotrail (Apache) and we have also ordered a new "Super Lo-Line" - BUT don't hold your breath! - our order was placed early December, for March delivery - we are now told by Chelston that the end of May is the earliest delivery date!!
Paul (Braunton)

Kernow Camper said...

Hi Paul
Thanks for reading our blog. Glad you enjoy it.
That's NOT good news Paul. I hope you still have your 'old' camper to use in the meantime? We will certainly be keeping hold of our Cheyenne until our dealer (West Country Motorhomes) confrims that the Dakota is in and ready. It's the 3rd camper we've bought from WCM and so far they have stuck to the delivery dates so we will just have to wait and see.
We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
We're up your way at Whitsun (Willingcott CC site) HOPEFULLY in the Dakota!!