Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Big Trip 2011 - Broadway (Cotswolds)

Our last 2 nights were spent at the Caravan Club site in Broadway (one of our favourites).  Thursday morning we left Ripon early to head south and arrived in Broadway at lunchtime.  We spent the afternoon on site and then walked into Broadway for our evening meal and to sample the local cider.

On Friday, our last day, we all walked into Broadway mid morning for coffee and then had a pub lunch before heading back to the site for the rest of the day.

During the whole trip (17 days) the first time it rained was that night (Friday) overnight and when we were packing up to head home on the Saturday morning.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have booked our trip in December and to have had summery weather for the whole time.  We now expect our July & August trips to be wet!!!! 

This was the last trip in the Cheyenne.  It's all systems go on the Dakota and we now have a collection date of 21st May, so next trip will be in the new girl.  Watch this space!!!

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Maureen Davies said...

Lovely interesting Post Sharon and some great photos. We like the Broadway site as well and the weather was fantastic Long may it continue.
Good luck with the change over of the campers