Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Forest - Brockenhurst - July 2011

After being out on the bikes all day Monday we wandered Paddy around Aldridge Hill - just a short walk from the campsite.  The evening reflections were lovely.


Mark Andrew said...

I love these pics. I used to live there in Brock and know the area very well. I grew up as a child here and hope to return when i can afford to. As a kid i fished that river, maybe not legally, but i was a kid. One used catch trout there, rainbow and brown trout, but now its Grayling, Dace and Roach. Don't ask me how i know that. The odd eel was also a sucker for a juicy worm. The big moor at the start of the road where the car park is used to be my back garden sort of and if you are ever there in mushroom season there are loads. Thank you for taking these photos they were great. By the way did you see the kingfishers on the river?

Kernow Camper said...

Hi Mark
Thanks for looking at our blog and for your lovely comments.
What a great place to live and grow up eh?
Unfortunately we didn't spot any kingfishers. Maybe next time eh? We've booked the same site for a few nights in July this year so will update our blog with photos on our return.