Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dulverton on Exmoor - Mid August 2012

After picking up some supplies in town, for the rest of the day, we returned to the campsite where we spent our time relaxing again (and lovely it was too!).  We were visited by a pair of the resident ducks who we fed with some bread.  One of the pigeons fancied getting in on the act but I have to say he wasn't too successful!

That night, shortly after we'd gone to bed (or so it felt!), we had a massive thunderstorm.  We have never heard thunder so loud, it actually shook the camper.  It went on for some time and was followed by some pretty torrential rain.  When we got up on Sunday morning the site was bone dry but unfortunately it seems that the lightning had knocked out the campsites phone/tv/wi-fi network!!!  It didn't really matter much to us as we were sadly packing up and leaving that morning. 

If any of you fancy a superb site with 5* facilities, everything you could need within a short walk and peace and quiet then Exmoor House CC site is for you, but don't tell everyone becuase we'll never get a pitch!!!

Next trip is 'local' to us.  We're doing Devon/Cornwall for 8 nights in September so watch this space!!!


Maureen Davies said...

love the photos Sharon very interesting and didn't we do well for the weather.

WannabePikey said...

It was after reading your blog, and reviews on UKCS that we decided to visit Exmoor House. So glad we did, and it's won't be the last time either.


Kernow Camper said...

Ahhh that's nice WannabePikey! Thanks for your kind comment.
Off to nose at your blog now!