Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wareham Forest - The Sika Trail - July 2013

Friday was the last full day of our trip and as the bikes were already set up and ready to go, and once again the weather was great, we decided to try out the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest (part of which we'd done on the Thursday).  Again, we hardly saw another soul and it actually felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.  We biked through to a pub on the edge of the forest for lunch before biking back to the site.  Unfortunately on the way back Paddy's trailer got a puncture, in fact it got more than one. Mike was able to do a temporary fix on it but it meant cutting our days biking short and heading back to the site, where we spent the afternoon sat in the sunshine (Paddy managed to find some shade though!).  We had a BBQ on site that evening before packing up the next morning and heading home.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, considering we'd booked all the sites back in November/December 2012!!! 

Let's hope we're now finally having a proper summer and that it lasts for all of us.

Our next trip is in a few weeks time when we're off to Cheddar again.  We need a new electric step fitting on the motorhome so it seemed like a perfect excuse for a long weekend away!


Tigermouse said...

Great photos as always Sharon and you certainly got some good weather. I love the pic of Paddy under the motorhome - Sophie and Sugar retreated under my van while I was away last weekend, it was about the coolest place for them.

Kernow Camper said...

Thanks Eunice.
We were very lucky with the weather considering we'd booked everything last year!!
Long may it continue for all our trips eh?

WannabePikey said...

Stunning pics of a great tour. Thanks for taking the time to post your blogs.

Kernow Camper said...

Thanks WannabePikey! :-)