Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Strawberry Line - Cheddar to Yatton (and back!)

The sun shone through our rooflights early Saturday morning so we knew that it would be a great day for biking (or so we thought!!!).  Bacon and egg rolls were on the menu for breakfast and they were yummy!  Our friends were off out for the day visiting family in Wookey so off we went back along the Strawberry Line, via Axbridge again and onto our first stop at Sandford....home of Thatchers cider (heaven!).  Of course, I couldn't resist a small purchase and a 3 litre box of Thatchers Heritage fitted nicely in my bike basket!!!

From Sandford the Strawberry Line then takes you literally through Thatchers apple orchards, along small country lanes and back onto the original line, which is very flat and lovely to ride on.  We arrived in Yatton (11 miles from Cheddar) in gorgeous sunshine and sat outside the little station cafe eating chocolate cake!

Then it was time to make our way back.   Black rain clouds were looming in the distance, in the direction we were heading, but we hoped we'd be lucky.  Sadly not!!!  When we were 9 miles from Cheddar the heavens opened. We had taken our waterproofs but they weren't much use in torrential rain.  Paddy's trailer has a waterproof cover so he was snug (or so we thought!).  It was pretty hard going in the rain but we finally got back to site around 5pm.........and the sun came out! 

After lifting Paddy's cover we discovered that he'd not been kept totally dry as we'd hoped and had been splashed with mud from Mike's bike...........and he was not happy!  Mike had to borrow the campsites hose to wash down the bikes and trailer before we could all shower and change into dry clothes.   We had a great time, despite being soaked through to the skin.  It's all part of the fun!!!!


Again we spent the evening in Cheddar with our friends where we had a lovely meal in a Chinese restaurant. 

Sunday, and home time, came around far too quickly again and we now have 4 whole weeks to wait for our next booked trip.  We're not travelling too far in September......we've booked some sites in south Cornwall and on the Lizard and we're really looking forward to it.


Tigermouse said...

I'm glad you included a photo of Paddy looking rather mud-splattered, I was scrolling down the page looking for one! lol

Kernow Camper said...

It wouldn't be a proper blog entry without the old boy now would it Eunice?! ;-)

Sharon x