Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas in St Ives 2013 - Our last full day

During Boxing Day night and into Friday morning the weather was horrendous.  They had predicted 60 - 80mph winds and they were right.  We also had torrential rain and hail for most of the night and into the early hours so didn't sleep particularly well.  When you're situated on a cliff top overlooking the Atlantic and there's a gale blowing it's certainly not a time to sleep!  Hence, we didn't do too much on Friday.  We did manage to get out for a short walk in between showers but that was about it for us that day.

Saturday was our last full day in St Ives and even though the weather was predicted to be bad again it was dry when we got up so we decided to risk it and walk into St Ives again, fully waterproofed up!!  We walked down via Porthmeor Beach and up onto the headland to the chapel and coastguards look-out point.  There seemed to be a crowd gathering and the coastguard came out to tell us that there were dolphins in the bay.  Wow, what a fantastic sight!  I cannot believe how lucky we were to see them, it certainly made my Christmas.  There was a small pod of six or so dolphins swimming fairly close to the coast and we stood and watched them for some time, as the weather closed in!  We did manage to get down into St Ives via Porthgwidden Beach and the harbour before the heavens opened luckily!  We enjoyed a few hours in St Ives, did a bit of sale shopping and had a lovely lunch in the Lifeboat Inn.


Tigermouse said...

More great pics, and lucky you seeing the dolphins.

Personally I don't normally like taking photos with grey sky, but if it's 'storm cloud' grey and the sun is still shining I think it gives the pics a bit of atmosphere. No.10 is my favourite of these.

Kernow Camper said...

Thanks Eunice.
We were so lucky to see them and so chuffed too!
I'm like you, prefer lovely blue sky photos but I love clouds and different light. St Ives has it's own 'light' regardless of the weather. It really is the perfect place to photograph!

Tigermouse said...

I've wanted to go to St.Ives for years but never managed to get there - I might make it some day when I can tear myself away from Anglesey and Norfolk!

By the way, Happy New Year to both, and Paddy too of course :)