Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter 2014 in Cheddar - Cheddar Gorge

For Easter we headed back to Cheddar Bridge, our now traditional Easter destination.  This year there were 10 of us staying on site in various outfits, from motorhomes to a static and even an Airstream!

We arrived Thursday late afternoon and after pitching up we spent the evening catching up with the others who had chosen to arrive early.

On Good Friday, before the rest of our gang arrived, we had breakfast and walked into Cheddar.  From there we followed the National Trust footpath up into the top of the Gorge.  It was really steep and seemed to go on forever but the huffing and puffing was well worth the views from the top.  We followed the path back down and came out at the top of the Gorge, where we walked back down into the village through the Gorge.  There were people everywhere, walkers, climbers, moochers - great for the local economy. 

We had lunch in the village sat outside a tearoom people watching!  That evening we had a BBQ on site with some of the gang and then drinks in Cheddar that night.

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Tigermouse said...

Gorgeous photos Sharon, the cloud formations in the blue sky are lovely.

I've never been to Cheddar Gorge or the area but I'll get there one day, it's looks really nice.