Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Truro in Autumn

On Saturday morning we had planned on getting up early and walking the 4 miles into Truro from the site, along the old railway line, and then spending the day in the city. 

We were up early, had breakfast and headed off.  So far so good!  On the way Mike complained that his foot was aching and that he thought he slept on it awkwardly?  He plodded on and we arrived in Truro an hour or so later. 

Once in the city he was really struggling and couldn't actually put his foot to the ground.  Sadly he thought it was the re-occurrence of his old enemy.....gout!  There was no way he could walk around Truro so we had a coffee and decided to try and get him some strong medication over the counter (which we did in Boots!) and then head back to the campsite for him to rest up for the day.  We had planned to eat in Truro but managed to grab a few essentials before heading back on the bus. 

Once back, he spent the afternoon on his stronger medication (which thankfully I had remembered to pack!) and had his foot raised to ease the pain. 

At least we got to chill out that weekend!

I did manage a few photos on the way into Truro of course!!

I was panicking slightly that I may have to drive Miss Daisy home but he felt a lot better come Sunday morning so we headed home as planned.

Our next trip is Christmas and New Year.  We head off on Christmas Eve down to St Ives, then have a few nights in Padstow followed by New Year on Exmoor in Dulverton.  Needless to say we can't wait!


Tigermouse said...

What a shame Mick's foot was playing up, I hope it's much better now. The day may not have gone quite as planned but you still got some good photos - I love the ones of the woodland path and the butterfly.

Kernow Camper said...

He's much better now thanks Eunice. I managed to take them while he was suffering!!! LOL

:-) x

Chicken lover said...

Hi Sharon

Catching up on blogs ! Lovely pictures as usual, hope you had a nice Christmas away in the MH. I miss our MH so much but will return to MH holidays when the holiday let project is up and running.
Have a good new year x