Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wales July 2015 - Tredegar

July usually means a 'big' trip and this July was no exception.  We try and visit a different part of Wales each year (as there is so much to do!) and this year we chose Pembrokeshire.  We'd done a very small part of this beautiful county over the years but not been as far afield as we had planned for this trip.

To break up the trip a bit we had an overnight stop over at the lovely Caravan Club site at Tredegar.  It's not a bad run from home and is easy to find, just being off the M4 and is right in the middle of Tredegar Park where there are walks around the park, lake and along the stream.  We had stayed here previously and had already done the NT house and gardens there but enjoyed our wander around the park before chilling out on site with a BBQ that evening.


Dai Hill said...

Just a point for others to note if visiting South Wales; the town of Tredegar is about 20 miles north of Tredegar Park Campsite and Country House, and about a million miles away in culture!!! You'll find Tredegar Park Campsite in (or at least very near) Newport City.


Kernow Camper said...

Good point Dai, thanks for taking the time to look and comment.