Monday, 11 April 2016

Stunning St Ives - April 2016

Shortly after celebrating Mike's 50th birthday in Cheddar we were off again to celebrate mine!  We headed down to our favourite site in St Ives with THAT stunning view.  The forecast, again, was doom and gloom but we couldn't have been luckier.  OK it was windy (and that's not great high up on the headland!) but we've been there and done that many times!

We arrived just before lunch, parked up, plugged in and popped open the Prosecco.  Well, truth is I did and Mike had a brew! After a glass or two we headed into town for a light lunch and a pint (not of Prosecco!) before enjoying an ice cream sat overlooking the harbour.

After an afternoon nap (we are 50 after all!) we headed back down into town for a meal that evening.  We couldn't believe how busy it was along the harbour side and then we discovered that the lifeboat was being launched.  We had a fantastic meal, a few ciders and a bit of football in the Lifeboat Inn that evening before watching the lifeboat being brought back in (it had 'beached' just outside the harbour walls on the low tide and had to be towed in!).


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