Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Quick Unplanned Trip to Newquay - May 2016

Unfortunately we had to cancel our booked Cotswold trip due to the unexpected death of my Step-Dad.  We have managed to re-arrange it all for early June.

So just before we headed back to Berkshire for the funeral we decided to sneak away for the weekend to prepare ourselves.

We only travelled the short distance down to Newquay to stay at one of our regular sites, Porth Beach Touring Park. 

It was a lovely sunny weekend, just what the doctor ordered, so on the Friday afternoon we walked into Newquay and met up with my Dad and Step-Mum for lunch before heading back to the site where we enjoyed a BBQ sat outside in the evening sunshine. 

Later that evening we had a stroll up onto Porth Island to watch the sunset and we spotted a rock pipit (a first for us!).


Tigermouse said...

Sorry to read about your step-dad Sharon, but glad you managed to get away for a quick weekend ahead of what's to come. The photos are gorgeous, I love that first one, and the bird and rabbit look really cute.

Kernow Camper said...

Thanks Eunice.
Tough time at the moment but we'll get through, together. x
We're back home now from the funeral, etc., and looking forward to getting away in Bessy in 10 days time. x