Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Another Christmas in St Ives

Oh how we were both so looking forward to another Christmas in beautiful St Ives.  December had been an 'interesting' month for us.  We both picked up colds that quickly turned into chest infections (the joys of being 50 eh?!).  Sadly Mike's then turned into pneumonia and he was admitted to Barnstaple hospital just a few weeks before Christmas for a night.  He was monitored and sent home to rest.....and where better to do it?!

This year we had friends with us (their first time staying at Ayr Holiday Park and visiting St Ives and they loved it!).

We spent 4 days enjoying the views, the walks, the town, the pubs, the restaurants, the Boxing Day swim at Porthminster Beach (are they mad?!) and generally the great atmosphere St Ives gives out, very generously!

Christmas lunch was again cooked to perfection (just call me Nigella!) in the camper and demolished at a rate of knots (as always). 

Before we left, we both booked again to do it all over again this coming (!) Christmas!


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Tigermouse said...

Glad you had a good Christmas away Sharon. Great pics as always, I love the blue sky and the sunset ones :)