Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dulverton in May 2013 - A Glorious Bank Holiday Monday!!

Sadly Bank Holiday Monday was 'going home day'.  We'd managed to have a word with the site wardens the day before and had been told that there was no rush to leave and that we could stay until 3pm - bonus!

The sun was shining again so we got up, had some breakfast, and packed away a few bits before heading out for another walk through Burridge Woods to Marsh Bridge and then up through Court Down, an ancient by-way.  The countryside views were stunning and the walk back down into Dulverton was fantastic.

After wandering back to the campsite through Dulverton, we had a leisurely lunch, packed up the rest of our equipment and headed home.....happy that we'd had another wonderful stay in Dulverton with perfect weather.

It's not long until our next trip.  We're off to South Wales in the middle of May and have booked 5 campsites, 4 of which are new to us!  Here's hoping we'll be as lucky with the weather as we were this time!

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