Monday, 7 October 2013

North Devon - October 2013 - Ilfracombe

Next morning we were all up early to get our bikes ready again for a ride into Ilfracombe straight from the site, via the old railway line.

Once in Ilfracombe we chained the bikes up alongside the harbour and had a wander around.

Ilfracombe's most famous resident is the artist Damien Hirst, who not only owns a restaurant alongside the harbour but has 'donated' a bronze statue,  called Verity, of two sides of a pregnant woman.  Now, if that's art I can honestly say I'm not a fan.  One side is beautiful the the other side is positively vile!  Still, it seems to be bringing lots of visitors (and therefore trade) into Ilfracombe and the surrounding areas.  After viewing Verity we walked up to St Nicholas Chapel where we had a stunning view of the bay and across to south Wales.

We then walked around the harbour area and found a small tearoom where we had a sandwich for lunch, sat in the sunshine.

From there we walked along the promenade, past the Landmark Theatre and back up to catch the bike track to the campsite. 

Our afternoon was spent chilling out with Paddy in the camper before getting ready for an evening out in a lovely pub in Croyde.

Apart from the BBQ rain on the Friday evening the weather was warm and sunny for us - better than our September trip!

We are hoping to head off again at the end of October for a long weekend but it all seems to be dependant on Mike's job at the moment so watch this space!

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Tigermouse said...

Great photos Sharon, I love the scenery and harbour ones. I'm with you on the sculpture, it's horrible! The gardens in the bottom pic - I have a jigsaw puzzle of those gardens taken from a different angle and with more flowers, looks really nice when completed.