Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cheltenham & Gloucester - June 2016

Finally, it was time for our first 'long' trip of the year.  Having had to re-book our May trip we hit the jackpot with the weather!  Blimey it was hot, hot, hot.

First stop was a fantastic, new to us, adults only campsite just outside Cheltenham, somewhere we'd not visited before. 

We pitched up in the sunshine, early afternoon, had a bit to eat and then a walk into the spa town of Cheltenham, where we walked around the lovely town and through the parks.

We had a drink in town and then walked back to the campsite where we enjoyed a BBQ in the very warm evening sunshine.

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Tigermouse said...

I remember going to Cheltenham as part of a school geography field trip when I was fourteen but I don't remember much about the place. I like the photos of the fountain, it reminds me of a smaller version of part of the Trevi fountain in Rome.