Thursday, 14 July 2016

South Devon - July 2016 - Dartmouth

We had one day left on our Jubilee Pass (although you have a week to use the days up) and the weather was good again so we decided to head down to Kingswear on the bus again and then ferry across to Dartmouth.  We decided to book a sea cruise for the afternoon, the wind had dropped and it all looked very calm, so we knew we'd be OK!

The cruise wasn't until the afternoon so we walked along the quay to Warfleet Creek and around to the castle.  On return to Dartmouth we picked up another picnic lunch and sat overlooking the harbour having lunch before we boarded the boat.

The sea cruise lasted about and hour and a half and took us down the River Dart and out into the sea, along the south Devon coast, past Stoke Flemming, Blackpool Sands. Slapton Sands and down to Start Point and back.  The commentary was really interesting and very funny and it made the trip fly by. 


On return to the campsite, again via ferry and bus, we had an Indian takeaway delivered to the site.  A great end to a perfect day.


Tigermouse said...

More great photos, and the sea cruise looks and sounds good but you wouldn't get me on one - after a bad experience on the Isle of Man when I was about ten I don't do boats and water unless it's a canal or river :(

Kernow Camper said...

We're pretty wary of boats after a bad trip across to Jersey but it looked calm so we went for it!! LOL x