Thursday, 14 July 2016

South Devon - July 2016 - Round Robin

We had to set the alarm for Tuesday morning (unknown to us on holiday!) as we had to catch an early bus to Kingswear (8am), then ferry across to Dartmouth to get our tickets for the Round Robin.  This is a trip that takes you on a river cruise, up the River Dart, to Totnes from Dartmouth.  You then catch a bus from Totnes to Paignton (open top bus in the summer) and then the steam train back to Kingswear and back over to Dartmouth via the ferry if required.  We just made it in time for the first river cruise at 8:45am and there were only 15 of us on board.  The river cruise takes an hour and a half and passes very pretty Devon villages before arriving at Totnes.  We saw lots of wildlife on the way including little egrets, a heron and even a seal bobbing in the water alongside our boat.

On arrival in Totnes the sun was shining and it was very warm.  We had a walk around the pretty town, picked up a picnic lunch and sat along the river at Steamer Quay where we ate our lunch before catching the open top bus to Paignton.

The sun was still shining when we arrived in Paignton so we decided to get off the bus near the harbour, rather than the bus station, and have a walk there and back along towards the pier.

From Paignton we caught the steam train back to Kingswear, enjoying the stunning views of the coast on the way.

Because it was such a beautiful day, once we were off the train in Kingswear, we decided to catch the ferry over to Dartmouth before heading back to the site later that evening, via ferry and bus, for another BBQ.

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Tigermouse said...

The round robin trip looks and sounds really good and you got some great photos :)